About me

From Boston to Brazil

I was born in Boston in 1996, but my life took an exciting twist when my parents moved to Brazil when I was 3 years old. Growing up there and then moving back to Boston, I gained a broad perspective on Arts and Culture. My work reflects a blend of these two cultures that are close to my heart.


I’m happily married to Lucielly, who is also a photographer. She played a huge role in reigniting my passion for the arts. When I started using her camera and learning from her, the passion I had as a teenager came back to life. Now, I’m incredibly grateful to live my dream, telling stories through my photographs.

Small business, bands & events

These are the areas I love the most, where I feel comfortable and free to express my art. Living in Arlington, MA, I find myself part of an engaging community. This not only fulfills me personally but also drives my career. I find immense joy in capturing the moments of an event, supporting bands, and helping small businesses in our communities. I’m looking forward to expanding my work to include videography for bands, further enriching the way I tell their stories.